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I would love you to take part in my event, the Flash Fiction Foray. Flash fiction is a ridiculously short piece of creative writing, the length of which can vary wildly, here the word limit is set at 100 words.

I host the flash fiction challenge here at The Book Blogger. Entries are based upon a song chosen by me-you are not allowed to use anything other than the song, no background information, only the lyrics, the tune, and the title.

However, with that information, go wild! I will post the song for you to write upon every Tuesday evening, and you have from then until Monday to write a piece in response. Please help me find your piece so I can include it in my round up by tagging your post ‘Flash Fiction Foray‘, and putting a pingback (a link to the Tuesday page) in the post. Every Monday I will collate the titles of every participant with a link to their post and blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

The most important thing about the challenge is this-the rules are flexible! If you write more than 100 words, I’m perfectly happy to include it in the roundup post, if it’s based on an old challenge or somesuch I will still include it. If in doubt just leave a question in the comments or contact me. If you are unsure how to make pingbacks or are not sure if it worked, just comment with a link to your post.

Flash Fiction Foray past events

41 thoughts on “Event-Flash Fiction Foray

  1. I’m afraid I still don’t understand, maybe because I don’t know what a pingback is. Where do I put my piece in cyberspace so that you will be able to access it? Pretend you’re explaining it to a two year old. Thanks.


    1. You write an article of flash fiction based on the song ‘Fly me to the Moon’ on your blog. Above or below that flash fiction, just mention that it’s a part of the event ‘Flash Fiction Foray’, and put in a link to https://thebookblogger2014.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/first-flash-fiction-foray-event/ with the tag ‘Flash Fiction Foray’. Sorry for my murky clarity, hope I have explained it better this time. All the best, Matt


  2. OK, we’re getting closer. The next problem is all mine. I have to overcome my reticence to send this piece of writing to all 500 + folks who have signed up for my blog, since it is so different in style and content from anything else I have blogged.


  3. I am the rock
    Harden by….
    I am a Rock
    I still can be
    I am a rock
    Feelings are
    I am a rock
    My weight is
    As you are
    With me now
    I am that rock

    As always
    The Professional Cannon


    1. It is, with the latest event at https://thebookblogger2014.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/schools-out-fff10/ . I forward to hopefully seeing your piece!
      Best, Matt
      P.S. I am going away on Sunday, so the post where I round up all the posts will not happen on the following next two Mondays I’m afraid, rather there will be a bumper round up when I return. I will however schedule the actual challenge for the two Tuesdays I am away if you want to take part.

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