Who are you?

I am TheBookBlogger2014, I run the The Book Blogger (how imaginative was that?!) where I discuss [dun dun dun!] books-along with whatever takes my fancy really. But books really. Mostly books…

My name in the real world is Matt, and I love reading and writing (isn’t that handy, no-one would have guessed that). I live in the United Kingdom, and am in my late teens; I have recently finished my A-levels and am shortly heading off to uni.

I disagree with your review

Not much I can do here I’m afraid. If you are the author, I’m sorry, I try and review honestly how I feel, and attempt not to be swayed by other opinions. If you want to follow up a disagreement, please contact me.

How does your reviewing system work?

I took a break from blogging, returning in 2017 and am now attempting to be consistent in my reviewing measures.

★★★★★ = outstanding

★★★★ = very good

★★★ = a decent read, average to good

★★ = mediocre

★ = bad

Can I submit my book for review?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: please email me telling me what your book is about, when the planned publication is, and I’ll check I’m happy to review it.



52 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you very much! He’ll be pleased at Chelsea winning the League Cup against Tottenham I expect. I’m looking forward to reading more great posts from you, the ones I’ve read are all excellent!


      1. He would be mortified if he knew I spelled it wrong! LOL. Thanks for the comment. I’m just stumbling around in the dark here. But I’m meet some really interesting and lovely people.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    I’m so glad to have come across your blog…It’s because everytime I finish a novel, I stay hung over it and at a loss as to what to read next. I find your blog so useful, and interestingly presented. Thanks for all the recommendations. I look forward…

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  2. Hi Matt,
    I came over to thank you for following my blog!
    We know some of the same people. Christopher, AbyssBrain…
    Is that how you found me?
    At any rate, I went to your Meet and Greet. Thank you for hosting.
    Once again, welcome!


  3. Hi
    I have a question for you
    I teach bloggers how to grow their traffic. When you asked using your poll how bloggers met you, what did they say? Could you possibly tell me what percentage answered for each of your choices; that would help me help my readers thank you


    1. Hi Janice, I’ve had 15 responses to the survey, and 13 answered the first question of where they came from. 6 came from Blogging 101. 2 said that I found them first. 1 was personally recommended. 4 came from other blogs.


    1. Hi Gaurav, apologies for the delay replying. I’m afraid that I don’t really do these chain posts (and due to my posting pattern, I haven’t got three days in a row free), but I very much appreciate your nomination. However, I enjoyed your quotes a lot!
      Best, Matt

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  4. The best British trait? How do I pick one? The sense of humor that leads a person to ask that question, maybe.

    Semi-seriously, I’m an American living in Cornwall and blogging about the spidery corners of British culture, and I don’t think I’d dare boil things down to a single best trait–even if grammatically the question does allow for other traits to be good.

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    1. I’m afraid I cannot remember whether it is the cream or the jam on top in Cornwall in a scone, but that’s always seemed like an interesting divide.

      I was curious to see what not only Britons felt was the best trait, but also to see what those from other nations liked best.
      Thanks for visiting! Best, Matt


      1. I don’t know the countries voters were from, but a large portion of the votes do come from abroad. 13 votes for dry wit and sarcasm, 12 for football and accent, 7 for fish and chips, 6 for the Queen, and 1 for rugby.
        Best, Matt


  5. Are you checking if your post appears in the reader? i noticed that mine don’t if i open a new document in another way, and not from the dashboard (so that it opens in the old way)


    1. I was told that a guest post I put up on Friday was missed by several people as it wasn’t in the reader. I’m afraid I don’t quite follow what you said caused the issue, would you mind clarifying please (were you saying that when writing a post, opening a new post in a different manner will make the original post not appear in the reader)?
      Best, Matt

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      1. About a month ago I had the same problem. My posts didn’t appear in the reader. I was asking around, tech support, why that could be and nobody had any idea. Then I noticed that if I opened a new post by clicking on the pencil button in the upper right corner (and the new editor), it doesn’t appear in the reader when it’s posted. But if I open a new post via the dashboard (wp-admin) with the old editor, it normally appears in the reader. So I’m only using the old way and all is good. Nobody has yet explained this to me. Sorry – I’m not too technical :p

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  6. Thanks for coming to see me at Steve Says…come again, stay a while – have a drink even! Happy blogging and don’t forget to check out my music blog talkaboutpopmusic.net – it’s poptastic!

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