‘School’s Out’-FFF10

This way to leave school!
Exit this way in a calm and orderly fashion please… (And apologies for the lack of apostrophe, I was quite taken with the image despite the error.) Image created by Heroethic and reused under a CC BY-ND 2.0 license

I would love you to participate in this event!created the event Monday Flash Fiction Foray a little while ago (please view for rules and explanation). After the last edition on I’m Gonna Be to commemorate the London tube train strikes, this week’s will be based on (drumroll please)… School’s Out by Alice Cooper, in recognition of the fact that the majority of the British schools are breaking up for summer this week. One of my favourite uses of the song was in an advert (for Mastercard), which I have also shown below in the (somewhat unlikely) event that it provides inspiration.

Don’t forget to pingback to here, and add the tag ‘Flash Fiction Foray’!

Thank you to all participants, we have now reached the tenth occurrance of the foray!

I hope no-one minds that this seems to have evolved to echo current events, if you do please say.


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