‘My Way’ – FFF42

Neon Music Sign
Derived from an image that is © Nevit Dilmen

The Flash Fiction Foray is a weekly event run here at The Book Blogger.

This week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes! If you want to read previous challenges and responses, click here.

If you missed the previous challenge on Chase Holfelder’s cover of Every Breath You Take, take a look at the responses here.

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‘Send in the Clowns’-FFF15

“Isn’t it rich? Isn’t it queer?” Image is in the public domain.

I would love you to participate in this event!created the event Monday Flash Fiction Foray a little while ago (please view for rules and explanation). After the last edition on Come on England, where there were four excellent entries, this week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Send in the Clowns by various artists, including Frank Sinatra, Judy Collins and Judy Dench.

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