I asked some of my favourite bloggers a few questions…

A little while ago I sent messages to some of my favourite bloggers, asking if they were willing to answer a few questions relating to blogging and reading. The four bloggers who very kindly agreed to take part in the project are Ritu, Calensariel, Curtis, and Yvonne – make sure to check out their blogs! I am really grateful to them all for their help with this post 🙂 Now, without further ado, the questions…

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Thank yous. A lot of thank yous

Some of my blogging friends. Image is in the public domain
Ten of my blogging friends. Image is in the public domain

Reflecting yesterday for my one hundredth post, I realised something. There are a lot of people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude to, people who have helped me, supported me, or just generally been a friendly member of the community. To name all is an impossible task, yet I will endeavour to name a few (go on, take a look at their blogs). In no particular order:

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