Review of ‘I Am a Dalek’ (Gareth Roberts)

Dalek. Image from Wikimedia Commons

I recently found this short novel-a ‘Quick Reads’-whilst looking for some books to dispose of (a sad, bad day). Very much a product from its time-eight years ago-it features David Tennant and Billie Piper (as The Doctor and Rose respectively) from the hit TV show Doctor Who in a book (not an adaptation of any particular episode, simply using the characters from the TV show).

This promised to be good-renowned characters with good background and development already there in the TV show. The first indicator of what is to come is the large font size-I know this is designed to help get people reading more, so aimed at young adult-or younger, but size 14 (or larger) seems to be warning me that the author had to fill pages.

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Review of ‘The Medusa Project-The Set-up’ (Sophie McKenzie)

Warning: contains spoilers

The Set-up
Image from Goodreads

Young-adult author Sophie McKenzie’s latest book is the thriller The Set-up, the first novel in The Medusa Project series. Although I found it a real page turner at times, the plot is somewhat under-thought, and the characters often too predictable.

The story being told is that of a boy, Nico, who develops special powers. His reaction and usage of said powers is more than irksome in places, his repeated refusal to listen to any kind of authority, and his naivety detract from the interesting potential of the book, which doesn’t do the decent idea much good.

You can tell which age range this is aimed at. There are the standard characters-confident young bloke, several love interests, nerd, overprotective parents… The simplistic messages-gambling is wrong, those who partake in it must be bad-could be scented from the start, whilst reading it one can tell who the actual ‘baddie’ is a couple of hundred pages before the grand finale-which isn’t really a surprise.

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