I’m back!

I'm back!
It’s good to be back. Image from http://pixabay.com/

I have now officially returned from my GCSEs! And I’ve got a whole load of exciting stuff planned. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up in the next few weeks:

  • Launch of a new creative writing (fan) fiction blog, called ‘Scenes I’d See’
  • Launch of a new free gift for followers, including:
    • Five things I wish I did when I started WordPress
    • How I write a book review
    • My favourite books which I have reviewed
    • How to win friends and influence bloggers (all current followers can claim here)
  • A new monthly post
  • Several planned guest posts
  • A revamp of the site, including a new ‘About‘ page
  • A continuation of book reviews every Friday
  • A continuation of Flash Fiction Foray every Monday and Tuesday
  • A continuation of daily quotes every Wednesday
  • All posts are to be published at 19:00 UTC
  • Lastly, thank you for to all those reading this; over my blogging absence I have got to nearly (198) 200 followers!

I want to see your posts! (And where have I been?)

Aye eye! I'd like to see your posts! Image from Wikimedia Commons
Aye eye! I’d like to see your posts! Image from Wikimedia Commons

As some of my regular readers may know, I’ve been (and still am) away for exams. I didn’t say at the time what those exams were, but I feel that it’s the least I can do to say where I’ve been.

In the UK, there are major exams at 16 and at 18. I am currently part way through taking my GCSEs. I’ve got less than one month to go until I finish, after completion I will have done 20 exams for 10 subjects.

During the time I have been (and will be) absent, I’ve been missing out on some great posts from people I follow, and I’ll try and catch up as best I can. However, I would appreciate if, in the comments to this post, people would link to their favourite post from the 22 April or later. Go on, link a few. I’ll read as many as I can whenever I can find some time. I promise I will read every post linked here (though not when).

Lastly, I haven’t been working all the time. I am trying to channel a lighter side, and am working on a new blog called Scenes I would see. It’s not finished yet, and I don’t intend to make it public until after I have finished exams, but I will give you two words which will probably send most of you away from this blog (it was nice having you!): fan fiction.

I’m Sorry

I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to give this up for now. I have exams in a few weeks which are vital for everywhere I want to take my life, and blogging is not helping me with those exams at the minute.

I’m sorry for missing writing on the Flash Fiction Forays, the reviews, and the daily quotes, I enjoyed doing them, but I will continue after my exams are over. I have one scheduled piece for the general election that I wrote a few months ago, but other than that I’m not going to post any more after this until mid June. Again, I’m really sorry for my absence, and I know I’ll miss some great posts, so I’ll try my hardest to read the posts I missed when I return to blogging. Just before I go, I’d be curious to see if anyone can guess the exam/s…

So long, and thanks for the fish.

Cessation of daily quote

I’m going to stop my daily quote series for now. It takes a fair amount of time to find the quotes, and they’re not massively popular (though I enjoy finding them).

The main reason for stopping for now though is that I’m going to be really busy with work over the next few months. However, to compensate, I have today launched a new page-Recommended reads, which contains the books that I’ve read that I very much enjoyed and think you should read too. I may restore quote of the day in a few months, but until then, I will only post on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

My guest post

I wrote a guest post for Elizabeth Preston of ekpreston, on something which I had been meaning to write about at some point: the subject of opening lines. Personally, I feel the opening line is the most important in the book, it grabs the reader, and sets out the tone for the book. So I set about choosing my favourite, and summed them up in my guest post, ‘Drum Roll Please: Best Opening Lines of All Time‘ (thanks to Elizabeth for the title). We would love your take on it, and to hear of any openings that you especially like.

Please take a look at Elizabeth’s blog, I find it fascinating and varied, and (though not actually on her blog), I loved her (guest) post ‘The Good, the Scary, and the Scarring: 10 Creepy and/or Terrifying Classics‘, along with my favourite ‘Pucker Up: Writing a Kissing Scene‘.