Review-‘An Abundance of Katherines’ (John Green)

Image from Goodreads

I doubt that there are many books with a premise as downright bizarre as John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines. John Green, as most readers will be aware, writes these teen angst stories very well in my (limited) experience of him, and I enjoyed Paper Towns when I read it. Yet reading this quirky book, I found myself reminded of another book, similarly quirky, and just as gripping. Was Green just trotting out a book with superficial tweaks to the plot which had worked wonders to him before?

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First anniversary of blogging-the importance of friendship in the blogosphere

Friends are the most important things you will ever have. By Some dude on Flickr [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Doesn’t time fly. On the second of November 2014 I signed up to WordPress on a whim, with the sole intention of reviewing a few books. I had no intention to become a part of one of the internet’s most kind and caring communities, no thought of making good friends. But that is what I have done. I’ve learnt about tags, images, books, interests, but I still think the most important thing I have learnt on here is that you can be good friends with someone you’ve never met.

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