Return of… the Matt?

Hi all, apologies for yet another prolonged absence. Unfortunately, I’ve got exams this summer (and next summer, and with any luck for three summers after that). The exams (AS levels for those in the UK) this year are especially important as they give a strong indication of which university I can go to-so I want some strong results! At the moment I am considering trying for English at a Russell Group university, perhaps with an eye to one of the top two…

I’ll try and stick around through the exams but obviously they might take over my life a little so I can’t say anything for certain. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to write the Friday reviews (combined the fact that I’m not really reading too much other than textbooks), but I will try and carry on with the Flash Fiction Forays (same schedule-summary Monday, new challenge Tuesday).

Thank you all!


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