Blog party-all welcome!

As we all settle down for Christmas, I feel the time coming on us for another blog party! For those unfamiliar with such things, any and all blogs are welcome to take part, in fact, I would love to see some new blogs.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Come right in, admiring the wreath on the door before  you dodge around the mistletoe on your left (or go under it-if you dare!), lend your ears to the carol singers for a minute or two before Wham comes over the radio. Gasp as you see the Christmas tree resplendent in its tinsel, baubles and lights, and prepare to be amazed by the life-size snowglobe!



To enter the party, please leave a comment with an introduction of your blog, and maybe a link to a post or two that you’re particularly proud of (not necessarily a recent one). I would be interested to hear something Christmassy too-perhaps your favourite Christmas song, or Christmas book, or Christmas film-you get the gist!

Events such as these work a lot better if they are shared, by word of mouth, reblogging, or so on, there are more eyes on the various links given which in turn makes the event more of a success.

If you do leave a comment, I would be really grateful if you could take a look at the handiwork of one or two other bloggers. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…


96 thoughts on “Blog party-all welcome!

  1. Hi, everybody. I’m not new, but I do love a good party. And I too, hope to meet some new people here. Over at A Life in Libraries, I blog about libraries, management, self-improvement, and the world in general. My most recent post is about how doing a demonstration as part of a library, or other, interview, is kind of like acting. A few weeks ago I did a library/holiday greeting type post I do wish all of you a happy holiday season, whatever you believe, however you celebrate.
    Oh, and next week, inspired by another blog or two I follow, I’m planning on writing a post about the books I’ve read in 2015. That should appeal to you, BookBlogger!

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    1. That’s a very interesting idea, that demonstrations are like acting. I’ve done a few presentations with school, and though not quite the same as what you discussed, I can see the parallels.
      Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt


  2. Reblogged this on But I Smile Anyway… and commented:
    My dear Blogger friend Matt, The Book Blogger, creator of the Flash Fiction Foray that I take part in weekly is having a blog party fot Christmas! Come on over, drop a link or two, and some words about your blog, and visit some others too!

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    1. Thank you for coming! Songs in a foreign language are always interesting to listen to, I find they make one focus on the way the words sound and the tune more than if they were in one’s native tongue.
      I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt

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    1. Aw, I love the way he thought of his brother and Santa too, he sounds like a very generous young man!
      I hope you and your sons have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year; and that you all get what you wished for!
      Best wishes, Matt

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    1. Haha, I couldn’t possibly comment as a minor… A very emotional piece, I don’t think it’s what you used but it reminded me a little of ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Mud in its seasonal sentiments.
      I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt

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      1. Thanks Matt! This was a great idea. But ok, I have to change my answer because nothing trumps The Grinch! 😀
        I hope that you and yours have a lovely Christmas holiday.
        Thanks again for inviting everyone to your blog party!

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  3. Hello everyone! Thank you for the opportunity!! My blog is Dream Big, Dream Often and here is a recent post:
    My favorite Christmas movies are Christmas Vacation and Elf.
    Merry Christmas!!

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    1. Christmas Vacation is a MONSTER of a Christmas film. We always watch The Great Escape on Christmas Day. One year it wasn’t on telly until boxing day so I bought the DVD in advance. Yes my wife did put me in “ZE COOLER” for “3 VEEKS” It was worth it!

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    2. Thanks for sharing, that was very interesting and something I may have to follow the advice of! With regards to the Harvard study saying that goals made one more successful, do you know how they measured success?
      Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt

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  4. I’m Scarlet and I blog over at 28 and Counting:

    One of my posts about Christmas can be found here:

    My favourite post, A Letter to Me, can be found here:

    The best part about the holidays (at least for me) is spending quality time with my family and friends. A group of us recently re-watched Home Alone and I must say that it was better when I was a kid! LOL

    Happy holidays all.

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  5. Hi everyone! I’m Ladylee and my blog is I blog about lots of things – fiction, photo challenges, poetry, daily prompts, etc. Some blogs about Christmas include: and other photo challenges ones, as well as Carpe Diem ones. I love Christmas and this year we’re going away for Christmas – somewhere nice! My favourite films about Christmas include Love Actually and the Muppets Christmas Carols. Cheers! Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

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    1. Everyone loves a bit of Muppets… Your post reminded me a little of a quote from John Green (or at least, a trailer for one of his films)-“everything’s uglier up close”. Fairly cynical (especially for Christmas!), but it feels apt for the occurrences within your well told tale.
      Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt

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      1. I will be starting a fitness coaching diploma soon. Big change from my current profession but ive always been passionate about helping people through food and fitness. Also though, i want to be an inspiration to my little boy and family 🙂 my partner has already lost 22kg in the past year. Thanks

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  6. Ooo, I love a party! I was going to hold an open house over at my blog, but I’ll save mine for New Year and enjoy yours, Matt.

    Look, I’ve brought Kourambiédes, gorgeous shortbread biscuits made with coarsely chopped almonds and liberally dusted with icing sugar and some of the potant Cretan spirit, raki. For those who don’t know me, I live part of each year in Kritsa, a village on the Greek island of Crete and that is the focus of my blog. I know Matt via his fabulous weekly flash fiction challenge, I just make sure my contribution reflects Greece in some way.
    If you’d like an insight to Christmas in Kritsa you can follow this link.

    As for me, I’m off to visit some blogs that I’ve discovered by chatting to new friends at this party. Thanks for organising a great bash, Matt X

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    1. Thank you very much, I’ll look forward to yours-and all that food’s made me hungry… Learning how other countries spend the festive break is always fascinating, and from what I read there so is how they are spent in different eras!
      Thanks for coming, have a happy New Year!
      Best wishes, Matt

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  7. Party’s here!
    Kidding…kind of. My name is Sunnie, author of Just Tri It Once. My blog is a dedicated space where I muse about fitness, food, fun amongst other flurrying thoughts in my head!

    Favorite Christmas Movie: The cartoon version of the Grinch! And then probably Home Alone (partially because he watches the cartoon grinch too….haha)

    My recent post on “Inside My Brain During an Outside Run” has kept me giggling (I clearly can entertain myself) depicting with a stream of consciousness during my last run. Check it out!

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    1. I’ve always thought that running in the London Marathon seems nice with all the support and the landmarks-it’s just the running that’s the difficulty! I loved the stream of consciousness, given that it was both funny and something I could sympathise with…
      Good luck in your half marathon, and have a great 2016!
      Best wishes, Matt


  8. Hi there, Merry Christmas everyone. I would love it if you would check out my travel and photogrpahy blog @

    I have a post on Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, California…

    Here is a great post from Safari West Animal Park in Sanoma California…

    And here is one from Arches National Park in Utah!

    Come travel with me. I love to meet new engaging bloggers.

    Cheers and happy travels.


    PS. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

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  9. Woo hoo!!! My first party of the season! Where would you like these bottles of bubbly, Matt? Hi everyone! I’m Calensariel Feanare — Calen for short — from over at Impromptu Promptlings ( It’s so great to meet everyone. Can’t wait to make the rounds. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and taking all the freebie classes I can get my hands on. I love these mixers!

    Matt asked for a couple post references. I think the one I’m most proud of is the 4-part series (plus an epilogue) I did during Writing 101 on our experience with foreign adoption. It’s called Choosing Adoption and you can find it at

    I also dabble a LITTLE bit with poetry. I fairly suck at it, but there’s one haiku I’ve done that I really love. It’s called Becalmed and you can find it at

    Matt also requested a Christmas something or other, so I’m offering up a post from last Christmas that I will reblog this week. It’s called Banana Nut Advent.

    Now I am off to mingle! Toodles!

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    1. Hi Calen
      Happy Holidays! I’ll take some of that bubbly 🍾 Over here 🙋 🙂 We’ve got the Christmas tunes on nonstop.
      I’m really starting to love these mixers too!
      Thanks again, Matt

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    1. Lisa (and Matt), thanks for the invite. I’ve been blogging for awhile now but never participated in one of these before and am so very glad I did. I wish everyone reading this the best of Holidays for you and yours! May you all be blessed with joy and happiness!

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  10. Hi everyone (special hello/thanks to our host Matt)! This is my first blogging party even though I’ve been at it for awhile now. I have two sites, one for those who want all the variety life provides…and one for the sports enthusiast who wants a unique take on the big business they have become. – This sample admittedly features another’s work but you get the essence of the site and hopefully some insight into me personally just from posting it…and it has a Holiday theme as well which I wanted to make sure was represented at this time of year. – This sample gives you an idea of how a sports fan takes them seriously…but also has a very healthy perspective about their place (often humorous) in the world.

    Finally…being a sucker for all things Charlie Brown here’s a review of “The Peanuts Movie” I actually featured on both blogs (quite rare) because after all…Charlie Brown loves his sports and his life…even if they don’t always love him just as much back!

    One more word of thanks to Lisa at Life of an El Paso Woman for sending me an invite to Matt’s party. I hope to see you all in the near future and promise to visit everyone who came to the party today. Happy Holidays to all!

    Bruce B.

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  11. Matt, thanks for painting such a welcoming picture for partygoers as they arrived and then serving as a great host. As stated this was my first blog party and I had a blast. Reading some great blogs for the first time now and making new friends. Now that’s a party! Thanks for a great time, Bruce B.

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  12. Am I late? Is there any food left? How about some bubbly? I’ve been so busy reading all the posts that I didn’t get around to posting one myself. I am already following several of you, but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.

    Hello. I’m Dinata and I post random stuff on my blog

    We are retired and live in a motorhome. We stay in the Florida keys in the winter and I post when I take a nice photo, or when we take a good walk, or when I cook something good. We travel for six months in the summer and I have something to share just about every day. We usually spend two months in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as campground hosts. That has been such an interesting experience that I am trying to writing a book about it. Oh, I’m posting my progress on that in my blog too.

    Since I began blogging on WordPress, I spend more time reading other people’s blogs than writing my own. You all are such interesting people.

    I am beside myself with Christmas excitement because I am going to spend four days with my grandsons, Owen (4) and Cam (2). You probably have to be a grand parent to understand that.


  13. Hello and a Merry christmas to one and all.

    My name is Darren Scanlon and my blog is called

    The Pen And The Page

    Please feel free to drop in and, hopefully, enjoy my poetry, books and other bits and bats.

    Here’s looking forward to 2016 where I hope to complete, (finally), my novel “Way Back When”. A look back at childhood in the 60’s & 70’s when a child could be a child and the world was full of magical mysteries to explore and get dirty with!

    Wishing you all the success and love that you rightly deserve! 🙂🎅🏻🙃

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  14. HI Matt 🙂 I just want to thank you very much for throwing the blog party! I know it’s way past time, but it was really great to meet some new bloggers and get to read some more of your blog! Looking forward to the next party .)

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