Flash Fiction Foray-‘Stop the Cavalry’

It’s that time of week again, and this week there are five fantastic entries to take a look at, based on Jona Lewi’s Christmas tune Stop the Cavalry.

The entrants here were Ritu from But I Smile Anyway…  who had a modern conflict which was emotively told with similar undercurrents to Ladyleemanila, who wrote a moral warning with some charming rhyme which underlined the serious message within. Kritsa Yvonne had a beautiful and endearing piece which ended with somewhat seasonal hope. Meanwhile, Sheldon Kleeman had a strong message with a grain of hope centrally embeded, and Curtis Bausse juxtaposed two different kinds of warfare in a very interesting use of the prompt.

Ritu’s post: FFF#24 – Stop the Cavalry

Yvonne’s piece: Flash Fiction – Stop the Cavalry

Curtis’ piece: Flash fiction: To The Rescue

Sheldon’s piece: FFF24 Stop the Cavalry

Ladyleemanila’s piece: Wish I was home for Christmas

The next challenge will be given tomorrow evening…


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