Flash Fiction Foray-‘Hello’

Cover from Adele’s 25. Image belongs to XL Recordings

It’s that time of week again, and this week there are seven fantastic entries to take a look at, based on Adele’s new track Hello.


The entrants here were Ritu from But I Smile Anyway…  had a realising of the subtle evocations of the words ‘hello’ and ‘bye’ in a similar way to Ladyleemanila, who had a delightful blues-y  poetic charm with an interesting rhyme scheme. Rich from wafflemethis had a deliciously dark piece which took a completely unexpected direction; whilst Kritsa Yvonne went the other way with a bouncy and fun piece reminiscent of BabeSheldon Kleeman‘s piece ‘The Purple Rose’ had a fascinating analogy, and an unexpected twist whilst Curtis Bausse also had an unseen turn up for the books at the end with a tone that was one minute comedic the next spooky (and excellently illustrated!)… Lastly, new participant Cherytato had a piece mourning for times past and really captured the tone of the song.

Ritu’s post: Flash Fiction Foray – FFF#22 – Hello

Rich’s piece: FFF#22

Yvonne’s piece: Flash Fiction – Hello

Curtis’ piece: Flash fiction: The School Trip

Sheldon’s piece: FFF20/hello

Ladyleemanila’s piece: ‘Hello’-FFF22

Cherytato’s piece: A proper goodbye

The next challenge will be given tomorrow evening…

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Foray-‘Hello’

      1. Does make for a lot of reading, doesn’t it… Would it be helpful, since they’re all short, to just have them posted in your comments section so you don’t have to go back and forth between blogs — which takes a lot of time?

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      2. I prefer them to use their own posts, so they can give a bit of context if they want and get some credit and talk on their own sites too; additionally I’m not sure it would really be faster to just have them use comments. Thanks for the suggestion though.
        Best, Matt

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