Flash Fiction Foray-‘One Day More’

The iconic downfall of the symbol of royal despotism the Bastille in the French Revolution. By an anonymous artist

It’s that time of week again, and this week there are six entries to take a look at (plus one that I missed last week), based on the song One Day More by the cast of Les Mis. I’m afraid that I made a bit of a hash of it this week, posting the wrong number (thanks for spotting that Rich!) and title (I believe it’s One Day More as opposed to One More Day), so apologies to all.

The entrants here were Ritu from But I Smile Anyway… who had a tantalising piece with some witty wordplay which left the reader wanting to read more. Rich from wafflemethis had a more modern piece which had a very interesting use of nautical metaphors (for all you English students out there, you could say there was a nautical lexical field…), but went for a romantic take as did Kritsa Yvonne‘s piece. Influenced partly by her novel, she produced an alluring and haunting poetic tone to it. which contained more than a hint of optimism and reassurance. Curtis Bausse‘s piece made a sharp statement on euthanasia but left the conclusions to the reader with a wistful piece. Sheldon Kleeman had a piece full of Biblical allusions with a beautiful repetition of terms; and lastly Ladyleemanila had a bluesy and melancholy piece which used repetition with a rather different effect…

Ritu’s post: FFF #18 – One Day More

Rich’s piece: FFF#19

Yvonne’s piece: Flash fiction – One More Day

Curtis’ piece: One More Day

Sheldon’s piece: One More Day

Ladyleemanila’s piece: One More Day – FFF18 and Wordle 143

I missed Sheldon’s piece Flash Fiction FFF18 out of last week’s roundup, apologies. His piece had a lovely and wistful nature with a self-referential tone in places.

The next challenge will be given tomorrow evening…


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