Back for good

Please note that the following post is actually about me rather than books, so if you prefer not to be inundated with mundane details please look away now

In the past two months some of my blogging friends noticed that I had stopped blogging. This was due to an unexpectedly high workload going into my A levels, and apologies to those who missed posts and events. I’m on half-term at the minute so will restart the Flash Fiction Foray in the next few days; and hopefully other posts too. The books that I am generally reading at present are more specialist and therefore likely of less interest. As such there will probably be less book reviews and more general posts about competitions, and interesting things from books that I do read. Due to the irregular nature of schoolwork that I get set I will not have an absolute schedule (except for FFF) and will post as and when, but I will be trying to post as often as I can!

Any suggestions or guest posts will be appreciated!


10 thoughts on “Back for good

    1. Thank you very much Sheldon, I really appreciate your friendly comments; this one reminds me of something I saw something the other day which said ‘you are the youngest you will ever be’ (which in turn led me onto a favourite Latin phrase of mine, Carpe diem-seize the day along with some Dylan Thomas).
      Best, Matt


  1. Work, school, family, life…. Sheesh, these things have a way of getting in the way of our blogging eh! I know how you Fermanagh,my have also had to take a huge step back due to my job!
    We’re glad to gave you here, in whatever form you can manage! Don’t ever feel pressure, that takes the joy away from your blog for you.
    If you need time out ever, don’t apologise! We will all be here, no matter what or when you post!
    Hope those A-Levels aren’t toooooo tough!


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