Flash Fiction Foray-‘Send in the Clowns’

“Isn’t it rich? Isn’t it queer?” Image is in the public domain.

It’s that time of week again, and this week there are five entries to take a look at, based on the song Send in the Clowns by various artists.

The entrants here were Ritu, from But I Smile Anyway…, who interwined some exotic stage names with a descriptive piece. wafflemethis wrote exactly 100 words on a dramatic close encounter with some lions. Kritsa Yvonne meanwhile had a modern piece reflecting on the dire political situation in Greece; Sheldon Kleeman had a piece which reflected more on inner emotions in his characteristic verse. Curtis Bausse had another one of his deliciously dark pieces which similarly reflected on modern issues.

Ritu’s piece: FFF #15 – Send In The Clowns

Wafflemethis’s piece: FFF#15

Yvonne’s piece: Flash Fiction – Send in the Clowns

Sheldon’s piece: FFF15

Curtis’ piece: Send in the Clowns

The prompt for the next week will be posted at (around) 19:00 UTC tomorrow. Thanks go to all the participants!


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