GCSE results

Congratulations are in order to all students getting their results today! By Simon Law from Montréal, QC, Canada (Château de Bligny) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

After I took my GCSEs all those months ago (it feels like an age since I saw an exam paper-a good feeling!) all I’ve had was one result, an A* in history. But today I went into school knowing that at 9 in the morning (or just after) I would get the results which would (in one way or another) shape my immediate future.

My current school offers a sixth form which I was hoping to progress to, but in order to be accepted I needed to get A*s in history, theology, English; along with something else (to stand in for politics, which I do not take yet)-these were the subjects I was planning to do at A-level.

Of course, I got there at eight-forty, and had I been alone I would probably have started to stress a wee bit reflecting on the importance of the exams-but luckily a few friends were there and we passed the time with a bit of (banal?) small talk. Despite the best efforts of the school to put on some pressure (wheeling a trolly holding all the results envelopes through everyone waiting for results? That’s just taking the mick), everyone stayed cool, calm, and collected (group mentality?).

(The twenty minutes were decidedly long, which proved, at least in my mind, Einstein’s theory of relativity-he said that “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity”.)

At dead on 9, we were ushered in and collected our results. I was one of the first. As each person took their white envelopes, a deathly hush descended upon the hall. As soon as each person picked up their envelope, they hesitated, unwilling to disperse the fog of doubt that remained around the results. After the initial hesitation though, people pulled out the sheet and read through it as fast as they could, trying to take in grades for a huge range of subjects.

Skimming through, I was surprised to see that I had got straight As. 7 A* grades and 3 A grades. Well this was unexpected. I was expecting reasonable grades-in my mocks I got 3 A*, 5 A, and 2 B grades-but this was beyond anything I’d dared hope for. I even got full marks in a couple of units (physical geography anyone?). Having read them once, I (and pretty much everyone else there) spent a good while simply reading and re-reading their results, unable to take it in. I was (and still am) ecstatic, over the moon, exultant. Despite the best effort of the exam fairies to ruin the day-I got 233 in physics, an A* was 235-I remained downright delighted with them.

For those who want a subject-by-subject breakdown:

  • English-A*
  • English literature-A*
  • French-A
  • Geography-A*
  • Religious studies-A*
  • Biology-A*
  • Chemistry-A
  • History-A*
  • Maths-A*
  • Physics-A

To all those who got results today, congratulations! Enjoy the feeling of being able to relax, and of finally knowing. If you want to share your results, please do so!


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