Top 5 supporting Harry Potter characters

Everyone who has read Harry Potter loved it. In particular people love Harry/Ron/Hermione (delete as appropriate), or all three. It’s a shoo-in that they are people’s favourites, they are the ones the book is about and have the most time in the story dedicated to them. But those who are often overlooked are the supporting characters, the Professor Flitwicks and the Oliver Woods. They are the everyday heroes who make up the magical world who are too often overlooked. No more I say! For today, I shall recognise the top five supporting Harry Potter characters, no more shall they be ignored in the shadows, they shall come forth and receive the acclaim!

Number Five-Luna Lovegood

Where would we be without ‘Loopy’ Luna? For one we would not have been introduced to ‘loser’s lurgy’… Luna is an other-worldly character yet strangely insightful-and she has the unique honour of being the only character to make Harry laugh so hard mead came out of his nose (tragically this was not carried into the films so there are no pictures).

'Loony' Lovegood with her father Xenophilius. Gif from as are all used here, copyright Warner Bros
‘Loony’ Lovegood with her father Xenophilius. All gifs are from, copyright Warner Bros Studios

Number Four-Fred and George Weasley

The comedy duo can always be relied upon to make light of… pretty much anything. Their have-a-go attitude and hilarious genius provide several of the lighter moments in the books. And they founded Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and if that’s not a good reason for them to go on this list, I don’t know what is.

Number Three-Hedwig

The ever-loved owl is a constant feature by Harry’s side right from the start of his induction into magic. Ever loyal, the Snowy Owl is often engaged in conversation when Harry is isolated (albeit mostly one-sided).

Hedwig in her younger days. Copyright Warner Bros Studios
Hedwig in her younger days. Copyright Warner Bros Studios

Number Two-Arthur and Molly Weasley

Bustling, kind and well-meaning, these two become almost surrogate parents for Harry, Molly says she is “as good as” his mother. Always loving (except to shout at the twins) and perpetually trying to help their children (and Harry) however they can, they are a vital-and immensely likable-part of the books.

Molly Weasley kindly makes knitted jumpers at Christmas too for the boys
Molly Weasley kindly made knitted jumpers at Christmas for the boys. Copyright Warner Bros Studios

Highly Commended

Below are those supporting characters who just missed out on the cut for the list

Dudley Dursley is undoubtedly horrible to Harry initially in the books and bullies him, but towards the end he seems to change into a nicer person and more well meaning towards Harry, leaving him a cup of tea.

Rufus Scrimgeour, as with Dudley, does not get the best introduction. However, when it matters he proves his mettle as a brave and courageous leader who does not betray his allies even unto death.

Olivander the elderly (and slightly strange) wandmaker somehow holds an attraction: he is not strong or (shown to be) powerful, but he does have an almost spiritual relationship with wands and is the wizarding expert on them.

Kingsley Shacklebolt the charismatic auror and later Minister for Magic who is at all times cool and dependable especially when he is needed most.

Number One-Dobby

The adorable house elf (who becomes infatuated with Harry Potter) has a touching life, and a tragic death. Always aiding Harry when he needs it most (or trying to at least) and he gave the ultimate sacrifice in the hour of need. Dobby the free elf is undoubtedly the best supporting character in the series.

Dobby the free elf. Copyright Warner Bros Studios
Dobby the free elf. Copyright Warner Bros Studios

Did you agree with my list? Who would you have included? Tell me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 supporting Harry Potter characters

  1. I love this post! 😀 You’ve picked some great supporting characters…

    Aww I’m glad you picked Dobby as your number one. He’s so adorable. I was so sad when he died. Hedwig is great, too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funnily enough I did think about putting on all of those (except Snape surprisingly, and Fawkes) but I decided that they played fairly crucial roles within the plot so were not (in my view) supporting characters but main ones. There’s probably a more scientific method of doing it than that, but that’s how I did it…
      Fawkes is interesting, he’s only mentioned a few times yet provided the core for Harry’s (and Voldermort’s) wand, I’m surprised I missed him!
      Thanks for the comment!
      Best, Matt

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