GCSE update

My only result so far... (I removed my full name.) Screengrab from Cambridge International Exams
My only result so far… Click for the bigger picture. Literally the bigger picture; it’s a wee bit blurry here because of space issues. (I have removed my full name, candidate number, centre number, and school from the image.) Screengrab from Cambridge International Exams

To those of you who have some interest in my life outside of blogging (and I understand if you don’t, I can’t think that a British schoolboy’s life is tremendously interesting to anyone), I’ve got a little piece of News. I’ve got my first GCSE result back, for history-A* (92%). Obviously I am delighted with this, but given that it is one of my best subjects I can only hope that the other 9 are of a similar level; I’m trying not to think about it too much in all honesty.

Sorry for the departure from scheduled form, you can probably expect something in a similar vein (and longer) when I get the other nine results on the 20th August (a week tomorrow, not that I’m counting!). Thank you everyone for your support!

Lastly, good luck to everyone getting their A-level results tomorrow and to everyone else on tenterhooks for their GCSE results (or any other exams); I’d love to hear from you (and anyone else who wants a chat)!

26 thoughts on “GCSE update

  1. As long as this 92 percent travels into the rest of your life
    You will see the truth in all your studies
    I pray that this will be the corner stone for you to build on
    For this is the foundation for the rest of your life
    As always Sheldon
    By the way high five

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  2. Oh! Conrats, Matt! Hoping, praying, and crossing fingers that you’ll be as pleased with your other results. And of course we’re interested in your life! It’s YOU we want to get to know through your blog. So don’t be afraid to write personal posts. We’d all love that! {{{Matt}}}

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  3. Whooooo hoooo! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Such a good result you must be thrilled. We’ll all keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the results, it is an anxious time for students. I agree with the comments that a bit of personal insight would be good, I’d love to know where you went for your holiday etc. X

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  4. Can’t get in Matt
    Though I like Harry’s stepbrother
    Or Ron’s parents
    It how about the car they drive
    Or the kid who tries to fly the broom for the first time
    Some of what I know is movie some is from the book
    As always Sheldon

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    1. I was writing the post for this evening and wasn’t reading carefully enough and hit ‘publish’ rather than ‘preview’. Should be up in the next few hours though, it’s a bit of a mixture of the book and the films (which are reasonably similar).
      Thanks for the comment!
      Best, Matt


  5. Congratulations! It’s a very long time ago, but I too took history GCE (as it was then) at A level and got an A. I still remember the wonderful feeling of ripping open the results envelope, no screen shots back in the dark ages πŸ˜‰

    Wishing you all the best for 20th August! What do you plan to do next?

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  6. Congrats on your History mark! (And good luck for the rest of your GCSE’s, my brother gets his results then too…) Found your blog through you following mine – looks fab, excited to keep up with future posts. Best of luck for thursday!

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