Thank yous. A lot of thank yous

Some of my blogging friends. Image is in the public domain
Ten of my blogging friends. Image is in the public domain

Reflecting yesterday for my one hundredth post, I realised something. There are a lot of people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude to, people who have helped me, supported me, or just generally been a friendly member of the community. To name all is an impossible task, yet I will endeavour to name a few (go on, take a look at their blogs). In no particular order:

*Elizabeth Preston (ekpreston) has been continually supportive and friendly, and we have both guest blogged for the other (her post for me about scary novels is one of this blog’s most successful, and a brilliant read)

*Calensariel is a blogger who is always smiling (online at least), and always has something well thought out and interesting to say

*Kritsa Yvonne is always there with a kind, supportive word and regularly participates in the Flash Fiction Foray (which I really appreciate)

*Curtis Bausse is always friendly and is a dab hand at flash fiction (and from what I’ve seen, fiction in general). Plus he hosts a great competition in the Pic ‘n’ post

*Abyssbrain always manages to simplify the complex, makes maths fun, and is always cheery when I chat with him

*Ritu has similarly participated in all the Forays and is always a bouncy and fun online presence

*Driftinglexi not only manages to make different nail painting interesting (to a male teenager no less) thanks to her immense skill but always has a kind word

*Wafflemethis regularly participates in the Foray writing high-quality flash fiction and is an all-round nice guy

*Sheldon is my favourite online poet, he is thoughtful and often leaves interesting comments

*TJ is similarly perpetually friendly and hosts tonnes of high-quality photos and writing

I’m afraid I’ve missed out several good people, and to those who feel they should have been up here, I’m truly sorry. I follow 160 blogs and read many more; listing all of them would be impossible.

10 thoughts on “Thank yous. A lot of thank yous

  1. Good for you. It is refreshing to read someone thanking others instead of self-promoting and taking all the credit themself. Now, off I go to check out some of these wonderful folks you have mentioned!

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  2. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words, Matt. It is easy to support someone who is so naturally talented at writing and at blogging as you are. To many more years of blogging together, my friend! 🙂

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  3. 160 blogs! OMG! I thought I had a lot with 58! How on earth do you manage??? Thank you, btw. I do so love you’re blog. And yes, I’m generally smiling and in a good mood. I’m one of those flash-in-the-pan people. If I get mad, I flare and it’s over in minutes. I don’t have the energy at my age to carry on a war of words! LOL 😀

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  4. Thank you Matt. 😃There are many awards around the blogosphere, but this ‘Thank You’ from you is the best. Of course, it’s us that should be thanking you! You only have regular followers and contributors as you present a compelling blog with enough different, and well thought out features to appeal to a wide range of people. X

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