Five fun books to read over the summer

A sunny beach
Holiday! Beach, sun, sea (unless you don’t go on a seaside holiday…). Image from Wikimedia Commons

I was thinking recently about some feel-good books that people could read over the summer; I came up with a few and tried to include a few different genres. I would love to hear suggestions!

*Paddington Abroad (Michael Bond)-as you may know, I love Paddington; and indeed feel that he can and should be appreciated by people of all ages. Bond is always witty and entertaining, and this compilation of seven stories about everyone’s favourite bear with a hard stare is at once both charming and hilarious. Bond is adept at scene setting, and he will not let you down here.

Where to read: on a wet day on holiday

*Jennings at Large (Anthony Buckeridge)- everyone has some great memories of their schooldays, but just be thankful that they are not so lively as Jennings’. Buckeridge will have you doubled over with laughter narrating a brilliant story about the holiday of a secondary school pupil. Jennings at large lets you see all the trouble and mishap you could be up to if you were still at school.

Where to read: under the covers to both read and to relive all the anecdotes you have about your schooldays

*Looking for Adventure (Steve Backshall)-showcasing everywhere you could be, Backshall’s book covers not only the natural wonders for which he is renowned, but also gives an insight into the tense and difficult works of filming animals. This exotic biography will take your mind off back to work blues with its well written drama.

Where to read: first day back at work

*Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K. Jerome)-the perennial classic, Three Men in a Boat is another of those comedies that have stood up to the test of time well. Jerome is a master story teller, and this is one of his finest works.

Where to read: while boating

*Good Omens (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman)-this rip-roaring fantasy comedy is, quite frankly, brilliant. The fantastic dry and ironical wit are delivered poker faced, in this novel which Satan is born is, despite its subject matter, an irreverent blend of droll narration and unexpected plot.

Where to read: sunbathing on the beach


3 thoughts on “Five fun books to read over the summer

  1. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman! Now THERE’S a pair. (There’s a graduation speech on YouTube that Gaiman dd for some college somewhere that I found really inspiring – ) I just BARELY read something by Douglas Adams. NOT The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul… I must be slow catching on because I was halfway through it before I figured out it was about gods! (rolls eyes…)

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    1. Haha. That Gaiman speech was fascinating, and not only did it contain good advice which I shall have to try and remember, but it sounded truly heartfelt and an inspiration; so thank you very much for sharing it. What did you think ‘of The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul’? I thought Hitchhiker’s Guide was an excellent read, and Adams seems like a writer who can pull off most scenarios.
      Best, Matt


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