Flash Fiction Foray-‘Hot Hot Hot’

Hot hot hot! Image from www.pixabay.com
Hot hot hot! Image from http://www.pixabay.com

It’s that time of week again, and we again have a famous four of participants this week [Enid Blyton…].

They are: Ritu, from But I Smile Anyway…, with a chilled interpretation (the corny jokes return this week). wafflemethis has more sensual interpretation in a nightclub. Kritsa Yvonne produced a mouthwatering piece describing potential respite from heat. The last piece is from Lady Lee Manila, with a poetical take on a hot day at the beach.

Ritu’s post: “FFF #8 Hot Hot Hot

wafflemethis’ post: “FFF#8

 Yvonne’s post: “Flash Fiction – Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Lady Lee Manila’s post: “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – FFF8 and Wordle 157

The prompt for the next week will be posted at 19:00 UTC tomorrow (hopefully, it may be delayed as today due to a tiring commute). Thanks to all the participants!


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