Flash Fiction Foray-‘Daddy Cool’

A brown Sugar Daddy on a stick
Just in case you were doubting my punny mood today, here’s a Sugar Daddy. See what I did there? Anyone? Image from Wikimedia Commons

It’s that time of week again, and we again have four participants this week; the wave of participation is fantastic!

They are: Ritu, from But I Smile Anyway…, with an interesting interpretation of the levels of ‘cool’. wafflemethis has a bit of horseplay in the story. Kritsa Yvonne continued her impressive challenge of linking the event to a Greek theme, constructing a striking incident. The last piece is from Curtis Bausse, who (using the Hello prompt) showed the though process (and end result) of both a few drinks and some heavy thinking. (Apologies for the puns, I was just in one of those moods. Though I did spare you my joke about Curtis’ having a sting in the tale…)

Ritu’s post: “FFF#7 Flash Fiction Foray

wafflemethis’ post: “F F F #7

 Yvonne’s post: “Flash Fiction ‘Daddy Cool’

Curtis’ post: “Rattlesnake Blues

The prompt for the next week will be posted at 19:00 UTC tomorrow. Thanks go to all the participants!

And very lastly, Yvonne told me earlier that it was National Flash Fiction day!

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Foray-‘Daddy Cool’

  1. Great going to all the others…. ! Of course, I am your seasoned FFF pro, having done each and every one so far… 😜 love doing them… Eagerly awaiting the bespectacled one Matt.. And I may have created a Waffle Monster in Rich now!!! 😳

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