Upcoming highly anticipated books: July 2015

Books published in the next month that I am looking forward to
Books published in the next month that I am looking forward to

In this new feature, published on the last Wednesday of each month, I will take a look at five books set to be published in the next month that I am looking forward to. This month, we have an instant classic being published from a familiar name.

Instant classic: Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee)-if you didn’t know this was coming, you should have. Sequel to the bestselling classic To Kill a Mockingbird (14 July 2015)

Crime fiction: A Man of Some Repute (Elizabeth Edmondson)-regular readers will know I am a sucker for well written detective dramas, and this first in a new series promises to be a great read (1 July 2015)

Non-fiction: Guide to the House of Commons 2015 (The Times)-this book from leading British newspaper The Times coming just after the election promises not only to be a fascinating read, but to contain the same journalistic quality as the newspaper (2 July 2015)

High drama: The Kelly Sisters (Maureen Lee)-I hadn’t heard of Lee before this, but this tale of isolation and despair with an overarching mystery sounds intriguing (30 July 2015)

Go Set a Watchman cover. Image from Wikimedia Commons
Go Set a Watchman cover. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Military history: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War II (Jonathan North)-it may be aimed a little low, but this guide to the military dress of the Second World War promises to be an informative and interesting read (31 July 2015)

Bonus (biography): Tornado Over the Tigris: Recollections of a Fast Jet Pilot (Michael Napier)-I always find modern history is incredible to learn about, and Napier’s memories of not only the Gulf War, but of the Cold War stationed in Germany make this book sound like one not to miss (30 July 2015)


7 thoughts on “Upcoming highly anticipated books: July 2015

  1. Nice list! 🙂 A lot of these sound really interesting. Personally, I’m a little leery of Go Set a Watchman, given the controversy surrounding it’s publication and Harper Lee’s dubious mental state. What do you think about that whole situation? Do you think her book will be reviewed fairly? And if it’s not as wonderful as everyone seems to expect—which, given that she herself didn’t want to publish it for decades, might be a possibility—how do you think that’ll affect her legacy as a literary giant?

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    1. I knew there was a little fuss, but it didn’t garner too much major coverage in British media. Looking around the news now though, it does seem opportunistic from her publisher/lawyer. With regards to the review situation, I think that there will probably be three camps: the honest reviewers, the people who say that they hated it and/or compare it badly to TKAM, and those that love it based solely on the author’s name and credentials. While it could be possible that a poor book negatively impacts upon her legacy of TKAM, I think it will either be heralded positively or forgotten (like the Casual Vacancy is comparatively unknown), but she will no longer be a one-book woman.
      Best, Matt

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      1. Hmm the Casual Vacancy is largely unknown in Britain? Interesting. It was fairly big here at the library I work at, though most people seemed angry that it wasn’t “like Harry Potter”….sigh.

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  2. I have all those same questions above about Lee’s book. I remember so well the interview with her on TKAM’s 50th anniversary. She said she only had one thing to say so she only wrote one book. Apparently she, herself, didn’t put much stock in the other one. And it was actually written and rejected BEFORE TKAM, wasn’t it? I will probably buy it, but I, too, am kind of reserving my enthusiasm for it. I might feel different if they were using this to raise money for her estate to keep her comfortable, but I also read that they are keeping her very good friend from her for some reason. Makes me feel like there’s something sinister afoot.

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    1. I agree regarding the sinister bit. Everything I’ve read about it has made me question if this is what she really wants…or if the publishers are just taking advantage of her and the bankability of her name, and somehow convinced her that this is what she wants to do…it just seems very odd to me. Apparently she was declared “mentally fit” by the state of Alabama in April, but there’s still debate about it all. This NPR article sums it up nicely: http://www.npr.org/2015/05/04/403364020/a-town-divided-over-the-next-chapter-of-an-iconic-harper-lee-book

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    2. It does all sound a bit dubious, all these convenient timings; I wasn’t aware of all these… interesting goings on. Personally I suspect reserving enthusiasm may be a wise idea.
      Thanks for the comment. Best, Marr


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