‘Daddy Cool’ FFF7

I would love you to participate in this event!created the event Monday Flash Fiction Foray a little while ago (please view for rules and explanation). After the last edition on Hello (when we reached the giddying heights of four participants), this week’s will be based on (drumroll please)… Daddy Cool by Boney M, in celebration of Fathers’ Day (and while you’re at it, look at those ’70s hairdos).

Don’t forget to pingback to here, and add the tag ‘Flash Fiction Foray’! And lastly I would like to thank everyone who helped me yesterday by saying if they could see my posts. Please note: tomorrow is the first of a new monthly post. Check back at 19:00 UTC to see what it is! Bloglovin'


14 thoughts on “‘Daddy Cool’ FFF7

    1. I hadn’t realised, so thanks for telling me (I mentioned it in today’s FFF).
      Thank you very much for your kind comment, I was genuinely touched by your words (and am having a bit of trouble vocalising my feelings and gratitude, which is novel).
      Thank you again so so much, it really does mean a lot to me.
      I’ll try and find something with a more simple Greek theme for tomorrow’s FFF!
      All the best, Matt

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