I’m back!

I'm back!
It’s good to be back. Image from http://pixabay.com/

I have now officially returned from my GCSEs! And I’ve got a whole load of exciting stuff planned. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up in the next few weeks:

  • Launch of a new creative writing (fan) fiction blog, called ‘Scenes I’d See’
  • Launch of a new free gift for followers, including:
    • Five things I wish I did when I started WordPress
    • How I write a book review
    • My favourite books which I have reviewed
    • How to win friends and influence bloggers (all current followers can claim here)
  • A new monthly post
  • Several planned guest posts
  • A revamp of the site, including a new ‘About‘ page
  • A continuation of book reviews every Friday
  • A continuation of Flash Fiction Foray every Monday and Tuesday
  • A continuation of daily quotes every Wednesday
  • All posts are to be published at 19:00 UTC
  • Lastly, thank you for to all those reading this; over my blogging absence I have got to nearly (198) 200 followers!

21 thoughts on “I’m back!

      1. Will you get back on the Flash fiction challenge? If so, I’ll tell you know, due to my crazy busy new job, and life, I might be late, but I will still try my damndest to do it!!!! 😀

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