I want to see your posts! (And where have I been?)

Aye eye! I'd like to see your posts! Image from Wikimedia Commons
Aye eye! I’d like to see your posts! Image from Wikimedia Commons

As some of my regular readers may know, I’ve been (and still am) away for exams. I didn’t say at the time what those exams were, but I feel that it’s the least I can do to say where I’ve been.

In the UK, there are major exams at 16 and at 18. I am currentlyΒ part way through taking my GCSEs. I’ve got less than one month to go until I finish, after completion I will have done 20 exams for 10 subjects.

During the time I have been (and will be) absent, I’ve been missing out on some great posts from people I follow, and I’ll try and catch up as best I can. However, I would appreciate if, in the comments to this post, people would link to their favourite post from the 22 April or later. Go on, link a few. I’ll read as many as I can whenever I can find some time. I promise I will read every post linked here (though not when).

Lastly, I haven’t been working all the time. I am trying to channel a lighter side, and am working on a new blog called Scenes I would see. It’s not finished yet, and I don’t intend to make it public until after I have finished exams, but I will give you two words which will probably send most of you away from this blog (it was nice having you!): fan fiction.


41 thoughts on “I want to see your posts! (And where have I been?)

  1. I believe you know that I can post and few poems a day there are so many I have written since the twenty second of April
    Hope all is well
    Good luck on your completion of your exams
    It’s a reader’s choice
    As always Sheldon

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  2. Great to hear from you and know you’re still going full speed ahead! I’ll look and see what I’ve got and post a couple links. Just keep your nose to that grindstone, kiddo! Good to get an update, Matt! {{{Matt}}}

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    1. I’m sorry that you got all that hate mail, everyone is, and should be, entitled to their own opinion. Several of those comments appear to have veered off critiques of the article itself into personal attacks, which are simply out of order. Please don’t get downbeat over a few people who have gone off the rails.

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      1. Oh, I’m not. I was pretty upset at first, but I’ve decided to take it as a source of pride that enough people cared about my little baby blog to be obnoxious on it. I mean the worst reaction of all is indifference, right?

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  3. Best of luck on your exams! πŸ™‚ And I’m not afraid of fan fiction—in fact I welcome it. What fandom will it be in, may I ask?

    Ever since April 22nd I’ve just been posting vintage cocktail recipes—I’m in classes right now myself and don’t have lots of time to post. Actually, I’m behind this week already…not good! Here’s the link to my latest one, however–it’s about the Pink Lady and the White lady, two Prohibition cocktails that use egg whites: https://smileandgun.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/c-is-for-cocktail-cheers-to-the-ladies/

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    1. Glad to hear someone doesn’t mind! I will hopefully have some imagined scenes from: Sherlock, Endeavour, Raffles, and pondering Doctor Who (though am open to suggestions of other shows).

      With regards to the cocktails, I presume you were forced, in the spirit of experimentation, to create and drink some yourself? I had no idea that egg whites were used, much less the fascinating alternative uses of a loaf of bread, it was a truly enlightening article, thank you!


  4. Hah, no, I haven’t attempted to make any of these myself…not yet, anyway…but I’ve tried ordering Sidecars at different bars, and only one made it correctly! And it was amazing—when made correctly, anyway. Otherwise it just kinda tastes like straight booze :p

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  5. Hi Matt!!! Welcome back, albeit briefly! I missed you!
    How are the GCSEs going? Oh, to choose one post from mid April…. That would be a toughy… You know what I’m like!!!!! Just one overuse when you have the time…
    I was pretty intermittent with things too, to me honest, as I was cramming for a big job interview and I can happily say I passed it, and got a new job, as a full on, full time nursery teacher! I’m very excited!!! Only found out yesterday!!!

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  6. Hello Matt. Nice to hear from you. Glad you are able to catch your breath and all. In all honesty, I not sure how to provide you with a link to a specific April post; nor to May for that matter. I certainly understand that you are pressed for time; so you don’t want to wade through “small talk” so to speak. I have had to really nice comments about most of the things I have posted in May, so take your pick. Here you go https://adman4u.wordpress.com There is a piece on “Betrayal.” How the month of May came to be named. You might like “Lisa’s Curtains” -very short. I had some fun with a post about clothes.

    ‘nough said; dive deep back into those books.

    Almost forgot: that submission we discussed; 2500 words. Ben Affleck “Finding your Roots” forms the foundation of the piece. It will generate many comments. Tell me “yes” or “no”

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    1. Hi Ad Dawg, thanks for the kind words. I loved the mysterious mood in ‘Lisa’s curtains’, and ‘Betrayal’ was fascinating. I’m curious about your potential post, I seem to have managed to miss Affleck, would you mind explaining a little more though, all I can see on ‘Finding your Roots’ was a kerfuffle about his ancestors slave trading, is this your proposed subject? You’ve piqued my interest!


      1. Yes! That’s kerfuffle. It has rekindle an old and ugly debate here in the US. It has a UK component – so I thought it might jolt a comment or two over your way. Sadly, “we” are still fighting our Civil War. It won’t be uber-deeply technical, or totally loaded down with facts…my style will come through. But it might make some uncomfortable. Most of all, it is NOT about creating guilt – but of understanding how Ben Affleck and I intersect from a historical perpective; and why we missed a “teaching moment” – as we say over here. Immigrants (Originals and Newbies) also need to “get” America and what’s to come from our history that they now share.

        Here’s title: “In 1619, America invented Jazz, Rap and Rock & Roll.”

        I ask again, “Yes?” “No?”

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      2. I’ll say probably; so long as it’s not offensive or hate speech (I doubt it is either, I just want to make clear). Provocative I can accept as long as it is well explained and argued. There should be some relation to books given the context of the blog. Thank you, and all the best, Matt


      3. Matt, I will shoot you a Word Doc or PDF for your review once I finish. You have my email – we can talk privatedly. If not your cuppa, not a problem. Working on several other projects that might work for you.
        By the way, no racial hate speech nor offensive language. Not my style.

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    1. You should be, I really enjoyed it and found it helpful. I think it was another of your recent posts that inspired me to write a freebie for when I return to try and get going again, and personally I found that post really helpful. Thanks for sharing, best, Matt


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