I’m Sorry

I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to give this up for now. I have exams in a few weeks which are vital for everywhere I want to take my life, and blogging is not helping me with those exams at the minute.

I’m sorry for missing writing on the Flash Fiction Forays, the reviews, and the daily quotes, I enjoyed doing them, but I will continue after my exams are over. I have one scheduled piece for the general election that I wrote a few months ago, but other than that I’m not going to post any more after this until mid June. Again, I’m really sorry for my absence, and I know I’ll miss some great posts, so I’ll try my hardest to read the posts I missed when I return to blogging. Just before I go, I’d be curious to see if anyone can guess the exam/s…

So long, and thanks for the fish.


36 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Hey, hon, don’t need to apologize for life getting in the way. Reality comes first (even when we don’t want it to!). Besides, no one’s going anywhere. We’ll be here to welcome you back with open arms. Just focus now and do great on your exams or I WILL get after you with my whompin’ stick! {{{Matt}}}

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  2. No need for apologies…get you exams taken care, of we will be here when you return. Well maybe…I’ll actually be having a baby, but I have like three weeks worth of posts scheduled in advance so my bloggers don’t have to miss me too terribly.

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      1. haha yes, when I met my husband we were in a jr. high version of the Hobbit. I played Bilbo with my best friend, the director would have us trade odd and even shows with the character Kili, so that’s the first name. The middle name is after my step-grandfather who passed away this past summer but was my patriarch growing up. he had no biological grandchildren to pass on his family name so I thought that could be my way of passing on his legacy to the next generation, hopefully my kiddos keep it up in the future. 🙂

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  3. No problem. Work hard on the exams and the very best results. Can’t work out what the exams are in although I’ve been looking for clues …
    All the very best and see you again in a few months!

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  4. Aw! I’ll miss you! 😢
    I’ve missed the FFF but I totally understand Matt. Get your real life priorities sorted then come back to us! We’ll be waiting!
    I need to do the same sometimes!!!
    Good luck!

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