Cessation of daily quote

I’m going to stop my daily quote series for now. It takes a fair amount of time to find the quotes, and they’re not massively popular (though I enjoy finding them).

The main reason for stopping for now though is that I’m going to be really busy with work over the next few months. However, to compensate, I have today launched a new page-Recommended reads, which contains the books that I’ve read that I very much enjoyed and think you should read too. I may restore quote of the day in a few months, but until then, I will only post on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.


13 thoughts on “Cessation of daily quote

  1. Say, “hi” to your blog buds if and when you get a moment. Seriously, just say Hi. Working on that that piece we spoke about. Should have it ready in May. Be well, Take care. Taking care of business is serious business.

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      1. Well I’ll still participate Matt!!
        And I have some big decisions coming up… I won’t know for a good 3-4 weeks yet, but if things work out, it will be great for me professionally, but it will mean I can’t blog as much as I do now… But fear not, I won’t disappear!!!! Writing on here is,an outlet for me! If things don’t work quite to plan, you won’t get rid of me at all!!!! 😊

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