‘American Pie’ FFF5

I would love you to participate in this new event!

I recently created the event Monday Flash Fiction Foray (please view for rules and explanation). After last week’s edition on California Dreamin’, this week’s will be based on (drumroll please)… American Pie by Don McLean. It’s a great song, and there was an interesting analysis of it at the BBC, sparked by the fact that McLean’s notes are to be auctioned for as much as $1.5 million.


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4 thoughts on “‘American Pie’ FFF5

  1. It’s not unusual that I get stumped but today is a first in a very long run, I lost my mind very early when you said something about American Pie,ok I had heard all this craziness about this song quite some time,there are many more songs about my generation that speak way before he came along,1.5 for that mess drove my car to the well but the well was dry,why the strawberry alarm clock was a better band then that mess,now I said and I’m done,try to figure out his message who would of thought

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