Flash Fiction Foray-‘California Dreamin”

It’s that time of week again, and we have three pieces this week to showcase: Ritu, from But I Smile Anyway…, whose regular participation I really appreciate, and whose piece gave me a really vivid image of California and made me wish for the Sun here in the UK a little more. Sheldon from Sheldon Kleeman‘s post was a poetical take on the prompt, which really struck a chord with me and echoed beautifully with the original song. Curtis from Journey of a Blogvelist had a more playful take, I loved the picture and the brilliant pun related to it. I can’t get over how well suited his image was, and how I originally missed the pun, it’s fantastic!

Ritu’s post: “It’s a glorious day, the sun is blazing

Sheldon’s post (in Ritu’s post’s comment section):

“In a state of mind

Where there’s
sand and sun”

Curtis’s post: “I am a rock,” thought the rock.

My take on the prompt:

I remember it well. California, ’95. If I was there, I would be safe, warm, dry, no-one could hurt me, no-one could harm me. But I’m not, I’m here. To paraphrase, I am where I am. This pathetic fallacy, this black mimicking of life from the weather still annoys me though, I feel like it’s laughing. Laughing at me. But not only is the weather mimicking my mood, but the city-cold, lifeless, and worst of all, alone. No-one likes being alone, no-one wants to be alone.  And I wouldn’t be alone, if I was only in LA.

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