Blog party-all welcome!

Us Brits aren't crazy... Normally it's got sticks. Image from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Poliphilo
Us Brits aren’t crazy… Normally it’s got sticks. Image from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Poliphilo

I would love to find some new blogs to read. Any kind of blogs, not only similar book blogs, but blogs about poems, about planes, about pretty much anything at all. Everyone’s invited, so please don’t hold back!

Watch out for the Morris Dancers over on the left, you don’t want to miss them. Grab your top hat, have a drink of tea, and stick around. You wouldn’t want to miss the blog snorkelling, would you?

To enter the party, please leave a summary below, introducing your blog and yourself, what you do,

Blog snorkelling? See what I did there? Image from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Rud-gr
Blog snorkelling? See what I did there? Image from Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Rud-gr

your favourite post, so that people (and me!) can find new blogs they enjoy. If you can share this to your friends, the post will work better, as the more the merrier! Please take a look at some of the other participants before you go.

What will you take a look at at the party? The Morris Dancing? The Bog-Snorkelling? Or something else entirely? Maybe a regional oddity? Please say!

Lastly, thanks toΒ Ritu’s Blog-beque, which inspired this event, and on a separate note, I promise I’ll return to book reviewing tomorrow, with a review ofΒ Robert Westall’sΒ The Machine Gunners.

54 thoughts on “Blog party-all welcome!

  1. Hello
    I still have a slight hangover courtesy of Ritu’s do a few days back. Ah yes … the Morris Dancers are indeed here! I don’t much care for Morris Dancing but it would seem rude to leave so early…. so I think I’ll just stick around and try annoying them instead. I’ve brought my two blogs along as well … just in case you want to have a look … or even better … a FOLLOW. Also … because I don’t want to offend anyone here who may just happen to be a real live Morris dancer. I’m sorry. And thank you Mr Book Blogger for the invite.

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    1. Kris’s blogs are both brilliant, The 1951 Club is a fascinating look at the people, fictional and non-fictional, born in that year, and is an intriguing character profile, which should not be viewed only by 1951 births, but by anyone and everyone! Routine Matters is similarly fascinating, and studies authors’ techniques, and ways of life. Please take a look!


  2. My blog is I am a poet and an artist my inspiration for my work in both area’s come from life experiences,what I have learn from and what mistakes I’ve made,there is something for everyone
    I hope to see and hear from you soon
    As always The Professional Cannon

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  3. Well yes … I am certainly up for a spot of blog snorkelling … as long as it doesn’t play havoc with my asthma. Hello Sheldonk. I am just about to blog snorkel you (that sounds wrong on so many levels) and you may well end up with a FOLLOW!

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  4. Thank you very much for this opportunity πŸ™‚

    My blog, Mathemagical Site, is primarily about the lighter side of mathematics such as puzzles, mathematical oddities, number patterns, exciting math trivia, magic squares and other types of recreational mathematics. I also teach practical mental math shortcuts that would not only impress your friends but are also useful for everyday life. Finally, I also post tricks involving math that would make you appreciate the ingenuity of mathematics. Regardless of your mathematical knowledge, you will surely find something to enjoy in my blog. Check out my blog at:

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  5. Hi,

    Thank you for your blog party. I am Nikita and I love to travel. My blogs are all about my travel experiences,tips and adventures.I love exploring new places and indulge into adventurous activities wherever I go.I hope to inspire you with my travel tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

    Here is my blog page that I would like to share πŸ™‚


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    1. Wow, I hadn’t come across Nikita’s blog before, but I am stunned. She has an enviably good bucket list, who wouldn’t want to zip-wire across a river or swim with dolphins? It’s one of those blogs that has such incredible photos that you wish that you were there with her. Please check it out, it’s brilliant!

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  6. My blog is A Life in Libraries at

    I am a retired librarian and A Life in Libraries is about all things libraries, as well as a lot of other topics that I usually tie to libraries in some way: personnel management, administration, getting organized, and sometimes just life in general. Please do stop by.

    At this party, I think I’ll sit quietly in the corner, and of course, have something to eat and drink. And listen to music. I love music. If no one comes to sit and talk with me, I may try mingling. I’m not great at mingling, but I’ve been trying all my life to get better at it.

    Enjoy the party, everyone. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Cheryl’s blog, ‘A Life in Libraries‘, comes from the heart, after her 30 years of experience working in them, Cheryl has branched out to talk not only about books, to philosophical reflections (on war specifically). It’s a great blog, please talk to her and check it out! (If you can teach her about Morris Dancing, it will be an added bonus…)

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    2. My mother is a retired Librarian too, I was just talking to her today trying to convince her to start blogging. Your blog will help me in a way.
      I have followed you and will take my time to look for those library related post and see if I will find something in common because I grow up in them πŸ™‚
      I wish you the best!!

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      1. I hope so too, do you tweet your posts?
        It is easier for me to follow from there because I have a list of few bloggers so I don’t miss a post


  7. My blog, the Golden Echo, is a hope-filled response to the state of the humanities and literature in particular. I strongly believe that poetry shouldn’t be limited to poets and academics, and my goal is to make my research accessible. Here’s the blog post I’d like to share . It introduces a relational way of reading.


  8. Well hello everyone!
    It’s certainly a change being the late guest, rather than the Hostess with the Mostess!!
    Thank you for your kind mention Matt! The Blog-Beque went down a true treat last week, so it’s great that we have a follow up event!!
    As for lil ole me, my name is Ritu, I’m a Jill of all trades, master of none… On my blog you’ll find many different things from the artistic to the funny ,the kids, mum stories, opinions, reminisces, some recipes, oh, and THE cat… Sonu Singh!
    Please, if you haven’t visited, come on over, who knows, you might decide to stay!!

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  9. Hello and welcome to!

    But ugh, why so formal when things like wearing pants and handshakes are for amateurs??? Let’s jump right into the weird and get to know each other…Fire-walking, competitive knitting competitions, hatchet throwing…Sure, we get around the town square…All in all though, Guy Vs. Life is for those who wish to go around the merry-go-round one more time before heading home where things make sense and Mom makes you eat your vegetables…

    Thanks in advance and enjoy your visit, friends…

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    1. I love funny blogs. It’s a great skill to be able to make some words funny, much harder than speaking face to face. damschrj has managed at ‘Guy VS Life‘ to bring humour to my screen, humour that worked brilliantly and was, frankly, hilarious. Please take a look (or he may use you as a glamorous assistant in his hatchet throwing…)!

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  10. Hi, as some of you already know, my website and blog are all about the Greek island of Crete. To keep the theme of traditional dancing going, my link is to a post about a famous Cretan dance:

    This in turn links to another blog so you get two for the price of one?

    Now I’m off to high kick my way through the blogs featured here. Thanks for the opportunity Book Blogger x

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      1. Well, I’m always happy to give tours of my village, Kritsa. If you, or any other blog follower, come my way, just message me the details of your break and I’ll see what I can arrange. X

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  11. I’ve always been writing, from five years old, I’ve been told (my first poems). But I’ve only used a blog for my Tarot interests five years ago, which were mostly personal, and where I shared only readings with others of like mind.

    I began my actual life of blogging at the turn of this Calendar year, through the free course Blogging 101 from Blogging University. There you meet ever so many people. So I offer you a few blogs which I have found particularly wonderful:

    The Portal Wars are an ever evolving development of a series.

    Perhaps, you prefer to eat cake? I drop by for my daily sweet treat!

    And photography, combined with terrific detailed description of the four corners of the world, couldn’t be better presented than through Bad Fish Out Of Water:

    I have not yet figured what my own blog will be about, but I’m beginning to see the seeds sprouting out there in the fields of my imagination. Perhaps music will be a hub, and of course, having been part of the Events from BU and Beyond, I’ve been writing fiction again. I am considering possibly a Thursday Tarot Time Event of my own.

    Count me in. And if I have not mentioned, I think your blog header is one of the best!

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  12. If you like a walk on the lighter side of life you may enjoy a visit to “La vie est trop courte pour boir du mauvais vin” – Life is too short to drink bad wine.
    It is an eclectic mix of random asides, travel stories, and my photographic forays as well as a weekly Haiku challenge based on household object photo prompts and a travel story from Oxford in ongoing installments. πŸ™‚

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  13. Hi, I’d be honored if any of you would check out my blog at I write a lot of memoir related posts – past relationships, old memories, etc…also each time I post in a blog party I have been recommending my current favorite blogger – he has a small following so far, but I find his writing excellent and I am drawn in every time… maybe you’ll like him too πŸ™‚ His content is generally for mature audiences FYI. Check out Mr Macfarland at: (this is one of my favorite posts of his πŸ™‚ )


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