Would you read…

I want to start writing a proper story. A long story. An interesting story. A novel, based on… absolutely nothing. But I need help. I have ideas, which I could develop. But I want to know-what would you, as a reader, choose to read?

To help me, please would you fill out the poll below? Thank you very much! I know that I haven’t got the best hooks below, this is a preliminary stage. If you have a different story that you don’t mind sharing, please do!


9 thoughts on “Would you read…

  1. Hi
    Ok … right. I like science fiction but so much is way too clever or obscure. I like the idea of a first encounter with extra terrestrial but most stories of this genre are way too predictable. So … write a story (a long one) about this first encounter BUT where the alien species is us. The encounters are purely looking at us …
    Alien spacecraft in stories always seem to have controls because we use controls … because we hang our own concepts on what other species might be like.
    The film alien is meant to be about a species totally alien to humans … but way too many human traits for my liking.
    Also … mix genre. .. an alien detective …. so alien that it arrives on earth in New York say in the middle of a very crowded Central Park but can see no sign of life anywhere.


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    1. That’s a fascinating idea, my only question is when you say “The encounters are purely looking at us”, do you mean that the aliens have human-esque nature, or that the story follows us meeting aliens? The idea of an alien detective is fascinating, though I’m not sure I can write science fiction as well as other genres. Thanks for the comment, I really value your opinion!


      1. That’s an excellent question! How can a human write a story from an alien point of view if the alien doesn’t possess any human traits at all or even recognise life as we indeed perceive it ? Well … there will have to be something that can link two realities together… something they may have in common … something hidden in plain sight maybe. As an alien …. how do I arrive on Earth … what do I perceive as life … I find nothing remotely life-like to interact with … then something catches my attention.
        Think about scale and speed and Time passing… something moving so fast or so slow that it is not perceived …. particles like the neutrino travel at near light speed. They are so small that they can travel huge distances through solid objects without any interaction with anything … not even at a sub-atomic level.

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  2. I am an avid, voracious reader of Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime novels. Throw in some mystery adventures, and spy thrillers….Hog Heaven! I am good with all your suggestions, but I picked the “Crime Mystery.” Could not help myself….Lol

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