Flash Fiction Foray-‘I am a Rock’

At the end of this second occurrence of the weekly event ‘Flash Fiction Foray‘, there were two pieces of flash fiction written on Simon and Garfunkel’s I am a Rock. These were from Ritu, at ‘But I Smile Anyway‘, whose take was fascinating and entertaining in equal measure, and from ‘stu06bloc9‘, whose post took a more melancholy take (I can’t have been the only one to have been reminded of Miss Havisham).

Ritu’s post: “Sitting quietly, I thought no one would notice me.

stu06bloc9’s post: “In solitude, she stood by the window

I feel that it’s only fair to experience how tricky a title I set, so below is my take:

Wet. Rain. Alone. You’re gone. I don’t need you. I will live, I will survive alone. I don’t need anyone. Friendship, loving, laughing, pain. Regret. Remorse. Friendship causes vulnerability, vulnerability causes pain. Pain is bad. The antithesis of friendship is isolation. I will isolate myself, cut myself off, become an island. An island is hard, hard as rock. Rock’s don’t feel pain, rocks don’t cry. Crying is pain. Don’t talk to me of love, what do you know of love. I know what love can do. Pain. Loneliness. Arguments. Love is bad, I must not love, I remain alone.

Thanks to both Ritu and stu06bloc9 for their amazing entries, and hopefully I will be reading some more from them when this week’s flash fiction foray is announced tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Foray-‘I am a Rock’

  1. Funny, I find myself thinking along those same lines this morning. English poet John Donne said no man is an island, but there sure as heck are times when I’d like to test that theory for myself! Loved the other two entries, too. I’m finding this all very interesting.

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