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Dark days-by Taro Taylor – via Wikimedia Commons
Dark days-by Taro Taylor – via Wikimedia Commons

Today’s quote is…

“Some people standby you in your darkest hour while others walk away; only a select few march towards you and become even closer friends.” (Jeffrey Archer)-Only Time will Tell

I’m afraid that I have no idea of the context, but I wanted something from Archer and had just read First Among Equals long enough ago that I couldn’t remember any of the great quotes. This is, however, a cracking comment on friendship.

Yesterday’s quote was from Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange.

I would love to hear suggestions for future quotes!


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Sympathy, apathy, empathy…

    Sympathy (stand by) will stand and listen and make sometimes helpful, sometimes not, suggestions, but the motive is generally to make themselves feel better, absolved of having to really put themselves out there to help.

    Apathy (walks away) just walks away out of indifference and washes its hands of any involvement. Maybe after muttering a few, “That’s too bads…”

    But empathy (walks toward you) rolls up its sleeves and says, “Ok, tell me what’s going on and let’s see if we can figure out what can be done.” Someone who is empathetic doesn’t think about themselves, they listen then put themselves in the other person’s shoes.

    I wish always to be an empathetic person. (If you’re a Star Trek fan, an empath could also lay hands on people and absorb their wounds then turn around and heal themselves.) Great quote.

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      1. Oh heck, dude. That was just me rattling on. Just so happens I had a discussion about this with a friend a couple weeks ago and I had to explain the difference between sympathy and compassion. I didn’t think to throw apathy in there at the time.

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      2. Your tag, “Only Time will Tell,” from the Clifton Chronicals, right? !st in the trilology. Read the first two. Third one on the Mass Media market yet? Anxious to know the end of the saga.

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      3. It is indeed. I’ve got to confess that I haven’t actually read the book, I read ‘First Among Equals’ sufficiently long ago to remember that it was a cracking book but not to remember any of the quotes. Therefore, given that I couldn’t find any quotes from ‘First Among Equals’ online either, so looked for Archer quotes instead. However, I can tell you that the third one is out in paperback, see . Thanks, TheBookBlogger2014


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