Flash fiction foray-‘Fly Me to the Moon’

At the end of the first occurrence of my first event, there was one piece of flash fiction written on Fly Me to the Moon, by Ritu at ‘But I Smile Anyway‘. Thank you for taking part Ritu! Her post had a novel take on the title, which I won’t spoil any more than to say that it was very good…

‘Fly Me To The Moon’ the sign said

I feel that I cannot leave this event with only one entry, so will put my two pence here (94 words, with a brief unreferenced quoting from Dickens)…

It’s funny, but as the countdown drifted towards the inevitable end, I felt nothing. I was going away, far far away, somewhere where no-one could hurt me, not even you. Yet I was sad, I hated you but I loved you, I despised you yet adored you, you were not good enough but you were too good. I can see you now, conversing with me near the fountain, the one with the centaur. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, yet it lives on in our memories for evermore.

This week’s flash fiction foray will be announced tomorrow.


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