Dear ideal reader…

My ideal reader? To be honest, anyone! Just the idea of what I write actually being read by someone somewhere is amazing, let alone just over 700 people reading my random thoughts on a few books and some other things.

I don’t like to discriminate against any readers, but I think my ideal reader is probably a follower who came via the reader. This means that I have successfully attracted a fellow blogger who follows me, and who is sufficiently interested in one of my posts. Sufficiently interesting posts=good.

In reality though any reader, especially those who communicate via likes, email, comments, social media et al, it puts faces to the statistics and I get a feel for the people who read my blog. Readers who come time and time again to see what I’ve written and comment or like make me very happy.

Overall though? You’ve probably figured. My ideal reader is you. You. Kind person who has given up time to read my thoughts and ramblings. Thank you very much to you.

(Apologies for the somewhat self-centered style, and the break from the norm. This is a part of blogging 101.)


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