I’m going slightly mad

Bonkers. Insane. Mad. Words. What do they mean? Can they do anything? Can they change anything? Surely the only thing that can change anything is us, and we depend on our interpretation of the words. Words are good. Words are kind. Words are comforting. Humans are good. Humans are kind. Humans are comforting. Words are evil. Words are distorting. Words are distressing. Humans are evil. Humans are distorting. Humans are distressing.

You’re so close but you can’t see. Because you’re one of them. One of the normal people. And what’s more-you like it. You aren’t curious. You’re afraid of the risks.

The above is my first foray into flash fiction. From now, it will be coming every Monday, based on a song each week. This week’s was based on I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen. Please give me your feedback, I’d love to hear!


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