Thrilling, gripping, fast-paced romp

From Goodreads
From Goodreads

I found Rayven T. Hill’s Justice for Hire whilst looking for free Kindle books, (despite there supposedly being no such thing as a free lunch), and initially, I felt this was being proved here. I had thought this would have some element of ‘whodunnit’ in, but was severely mistaken. This was a thriller, there’s no mistaking that from when you start reading. It was a surprisingly good read, particularly for a free book. It wasn’t the best book I’ve read, but it was far from the worst.

The story is another one set in Canada, where a series of seemingly random murders take place, the murderer usually commits suicide after. With very little to go on, Lincoln Investigations take on the case and try and track down, and stop, the spate of murders.

I was somewhat surprised that the police didn’t do much in the story, given that there were several murders I should have thought they would be more active.

It was definitely thrilling, and a real page turner-worth getting when it was free, and perhaps paying a couple of pounds for-but I’m not sure it was my cup of tea for paying full novel price-so the pricing was right for this story.

The dialogue felt a little forced at times, I found myself wondering who actually talks in that manner, just a bit stiff and it didn’t follow the ‘show don’t tell’ motto all the time.

Overall, I found  it interesting and engaging, but felt it was unrealistic at times, the lack of activity, the unrealistic dialogue, and the even more unrealistic plot line-PIs outwitting both police and criminals, with handy friends, and a drug which controlled people. Such a drug could never be reality, in my lifetime or in the foreseeable future. I thought. At the end, I was astonished to read that this controlling drug was an attempted reality in the USA and Canada in the 1950-60s, as an informative note after the novel ends states:

“The American and Canadian involvement in trauma-based mind control is well documented […] known as MK-Ultra Project Monarch”

Publishing house-Ray of Joy Publishing

First published-2014

My edition-2014, 305 pages, Ray of Joy publishing

Character development-main characters are believable, the Lincoln’s sun is believable, but the police in general, specific police officers, and several of the Lincoln’s friends are only there for the convenience of the plot- ★★★

Readability-thrilling, gripping, if not entirely realistic book based on a true story, there are flaws which detract a little, but it has to be said that the pace is very fast, there is barely a dull moment-★★★★

Overall-a fast-paced thriller which suffers from some weak dialogue and overly helpful associates/police, but I enjoyed it, and I learnt something reading it-★★★ ½ (68)

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